The Revolution of Kitchen Design

Have you ever wondered who created the first formal kitchen layout? Well, in 1926, Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky came up with the design that revolutionized how kitchens are designed today: the “Frankfurt Kitchen”. Before the Frankfurt Kitchen, kitchens were often cramped, poorly lit, and unsanitary spaces that were detached from the rest of the house. […]

Four Typical Full Bathroom Layouts

Here are four typical full bathroom layouts that can fit into small spaces and are comfortably enough to be used.   The most typical bathroom arrangement. Sink, toilet and tub/shower combo all along the same plumbing wall. Definitely the most practical of all.   Having a door opening directly to the toilet can feel visually […]

Future Architect on Board

Have you ever felt a sense of empowerment after successfully completing an important milestone in your life? All that energy and empowerment triggered in me the need to go out and discover new things and places. The end of something, also meant for me the beginning of new and exciting things, and I was not […]

Designing a New House

So you have finally made the important decision to design and build your own house? Here are a few basic steps to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible:   Study Your Site The first step is to become familiar with the site where your future house will be located. Take note of the […]