Four Typical Full Bathroom Layouts

Here are four typical full bathroom layouts that can fit into small spaces and are comfortably enough to be used.


Design 1

The most typical bathroom arrangement. Sink, toilet and tub/shower combo all along the same plumbing wall. Definitely the most practical of all.


Design 2

Having a door opening directly to the toilet can feel visually awkward, but it always depends on what your priorities are. If you don’t want your door to hit the toilet and want to give priority to more storage space, then the visual aspect becomes secondary.


Design 3

The addition of a toilet enclosure could be a good solution for a large family with kids where multiple people need to use the bathroom in a small house. While one person is taking a shower, the other one can use the toilet at the same time.


Design 4

This design prioritizes space in front of the toilet, sink, and plenty of room for a person getting out of the tub / shower. The door opens inwards with easy access to the most utilized plumbing fixtures.


I hope these basic layouts will help you as a template to use in your bathroom renovation.


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