The Revolution of Kitchen Design

Have you ever wondered who created the first formal kitchen layout? Well, in 1926, Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky came up with the design that revolutionized how kitchens are designed today: the “Frankfurt Kitchen”.

Before the Frankfurt Kitchen, kitchens were often cramped, poorly lit, and unsanitary spaces that were detached from the rest of the house. But Margarete’s design, which was created for public housing projects in Frankfurt, Germany, incorporated modern ideas of efficiency and hygiene.

Source: Wikipedia

The Frankfurt Kitchen was compact and modular, with built-in storage and workspaces, and it was designed to be used by a single person. Margarete’s design also incorporated new technologies like electric stoves, which were just becoming popular in Europe at the time.

Drawing Credit: Graphic Guide to Residential Design Ebook

The Frankfurt Kitchen was an instant success, and it quickly became the model for modern kitchen design. Today, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s legacy lives on in every modern kitchen, and her contributions to the field of architecture and design continue to inspire new generations of designers.

Source: The Architectural Review

While kitchens have become more modern with increasingly sophisticated appliances, many designers still go back to the same concepts that Margarete used in her first design. Margarete’s Frankfurt Kitchen has set the standard for modern kitchen design and will always be remembered as a groundbreaking innovation.

Thank you Margarete!

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