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residential design, with 20+ years of experience.

Hi, I’m

At 26, I moved to the U.S. from
Peru — where I had
received my
architecture license — and had to
over from scratch completely.

However, I was prepared to work in whatever was
available, which
is how I wound up working in a
Burger King as a cashier for a whole
year, earning
enough to pay my rent and buy a used car.

I never gave up my architectural path, so
between my
cashier shifts, I started working on
small residential
design projects for my friends,
and friends of friends.
Eventually, after knocking
on the doors of several
firms with my resume
in hand, I got hired by a
structural engineer and
learned everything I could
about construction
in the U.S. While still working
in construction,
I started my own business for space
planning in
residential design, and finally went
with it in 2012.

While being an immigrant
may come with its
hardships, my
Peruvian and Japanese roots

give me a multicultural perspective
which allows
me to easily
communicate and make strong

connections with people from
all over the world.

My main mission is to share the why behind
each proposed
design solution so you’re better
equipped to create your own
designs, become
a more informed architect or homeowner,

and create homes you love.

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Sharing the WHYS Behind

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Inside my new e-book, you’ll get access to in-
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Whether you’re an architecture student yearning
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a home
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